Your myTRIBUS dashboard is the landing place for everything related to your brokerage and its business. This article will discuss the all of the menus you can access in myTRIBUS.

Step 1: Login to myTRIBUS

Main Dashboard

  • Contacted me- People who have contacted you through your website
  • Needs contact- Reminders to reach out to contacts you have set
  • Newest listings- Your listings for the past 14 days on the MLS
  • Recent transactions- All of your recent transactions on the MLS
  • New tasks- Create and view reminders you've set for yourself in myTRIBUS


  • Chat- Brokerage / Office chat system
  • Documents- Brokerage accessible documents
  • Products- Brokerage products provided
  • Properties- MLS data and property marketing
  • Resources- Company Resources
  • Vendors- Preferred Vendor List 
  • Coach- Property Sales Analytics


  • Contacts - Leads 
  • Marketing- Custom Email Campaigns / Marketing Materials
  • Tasks-Upcoming Tasks for Your Contacts 


  • Users- Agents/Admins for the brokerage
  • Teams- Agent Teams for the brokerage
  • Offices- Offices for the brokerage

Live Chat

  • Access our live chat to reach our Success or Support team instantly (Open from 7am-7pm MST M-F)

Profile Bubble

  • My account- Access your account settings
  • My integrations- View your integrations for myTRIBUS
  • View my website- View your website
  • Edit my website- Edit your website
  • App settings- Change the settings for myTRIBUS
  • Log out- Log out of your account

Note: If you do not see one of these selections on your dashboard, then that means you either do not have permission to view the selection, or you do not have a premium version of myTRIBUS.