Creating tasks in myTRIBUS can help you add reminders for yourself in the system to complete tasks at a later date. 

Step 1: Login to myTRIBUS

Step 2: Click the "tasks" button on left-hand side menu

Step 3: Click the "+" sign to start setting up the task

Step 4: Title the task

Step 5: Decide if you would like to remind yourself on a contact, property, or another agent you're working with

Step 6: Decide on a due date for the task

Step 7: Add a description of the task

Step 8: Click "add" to complete setting up the task

Once you have finished setting up your task, you will notice it now has been placed on your dashboard under the "new tasks" tab. 

From the dashboard you can:

  • Check the box next to the task once you have completed it
  • Click the "show" button to show more or less of the task
  • See the due date for the task

You can also create and view tasks for your clients under the "contacts" section of myTRIBUS.

You will select the contact you wish to create the task for and then click "task" to start. 

Note: This tasks button is for contacts only.

If you click on a contact's name and go to their profile you will also be able to add and view tasks for the contact under the tab with the checkmark.

You can also add tasks for properties under the "properties" tab of the main myTRIBUS menu.

Once you have selected the property you would like to create the task for you will be taken to that property's details page. You will then scroll to the bottom and select the checkmark tab and then "add" to create the task for the property. 

Note: This tasks button is for properties only.