You can access the "Offices" section from the main dashboard's left menu-bar.

Your myTRIBUS Offices section is where you create offices for your brokerage.  Here, you can access a variety of features:

  • Creating Offices

  • Searching Offices

  • Editing/Deleting Offices

The "Offices" section of the software allows for your brokerage to create and setup office locations.  The "Office" will be displayed on the main website along with information and lists of agents assigned to the office.  After choosing an office you will be taken to the "Office Details" page. 

If you select the "Edit" button you have the ability to add and edit the following information:

  • Name
  • Email
  • License Number and MLS ID
  • Biography
  • Phone Numbers 
  • Physical Location(s)
  • Managers
  • Display Photos
  • Links

*You also have the ability to remove or delete "Offices," you can do this by selecting the "Trash" button under edit.*