Adjusting your App settings in myTRIBUS is quick and easy.  The following instructions will walk you through understanding the different sections in App Settings.  


To do this, click on your User Profile button in the top-right corner of myTRIBUS. 

This will provide you with access to both Account Settings and App Settings. You are going to select App Settings.

After you have navigated to the myTRIBUS App Settings you will see a new menu-list of items on the left side of the window.  The following categories are defaults in myTRIBUS, however, they may be changed:

  • Announcements - Announcements post in the Chat section of myTRIBUS.  You can add multiple announcements. (For Super Users and Admin Only).  You have an ability to add a title, body of text, URL, and featured photo.

  • Calendar - myTRIBUS allows for agents or the brokerage to display/switch between multiple Calendar inside of myTRIBUS.  You have the ability to add a title and then insert the iframe snippet for the calendar you are trying to add.

  • Chat - The Chat section is an open area for communication within your brokerage.  Your brokerage has the ability to create custom threads and this is the section that allows for you to create custom channels and even assign custom offices to the chats.

  • Contact - Here you can set Custom Activities such as create Contact Form or Schedule A Showing Form. You can also manage tags from this area. (Create new or delete)

  • Design - You are able to manage Design Categories here. These categories are used to organize your designs for easy locating.

  • Document - The area of myTRIBUS that allows for you to store documents.  You are able to create folder categories here.

  • Marketing - Manage Headers and Footers for emails that will be sent from MyTRIBUS, Manage Suggested Content as well as Categories for suggested content. 

  • Network - Setting Theme Colors, Fonts, Favicon, Header Image, Dashboard Image, Setting Landing Page, Login page background,  and Logo are all set here.

  • Office - Manage Regions/Offices (Add/Remove)

  • Product - Manage Product Categories as well as Product Request Status.Brokerages will use this to organize  the products they will offering to their Agents and Staff.

  • Property - Your myTRIBUS “Properties” section is the place for property listings within your brokerage.  Here, you can access a variety of features such as creating properties, viewing listings (My Listings, My Solds, Company Listings, Company Solds, and Off-Market listings).

  • Resources - The "Resources" section of the software allows for your brokerage to provide agents and staff with links to resources.  Currently, the resources section of the software has sections for integrations, MLS, Single Sign-Ons, Syndications, or Videos.

  • User - This area allows for your brokerage to add custom fields or fields that are not pulled by the MLS or our API.  Think brokerage specific details.   ( If you would like more information on custom fields, let us know and we would be happy to go over the details.)

  • Vendor - Here, you will add any applicable vendor categories and service areas. When new vendors are added to the database, users will be required to select both a category and area for the new vendor. The Categories and Service Areas lists will grow as new categories and regions are added.

  • Navigation - The “Navigation” screen will allow for you to rename the left menu-bar items listed on the Dashboard. This gives you the ability to show or hide certain areas or to even rename them. (ex. Screenshot below. )