Creating Vendor Categories and Service Areas

To begin using the vendor archive, and allowing agents and staff to add vendors and reviews, Super Users must first create categories and regions/service areas. 

To do this, click on your User Profile button in the top-right corner of myTRIBUS. 


This will provide you with access to to both Account Settings and App Settings. You are going to select App Settings to create areas and categories to the Vendors page.

Under App Settings you will see a list of different sections or areas of myTRIBUS that you are able to edit and customize. You are going to want to scroll down the list till you see the tab, Vendor.  There are two sub-sections: Areas and Categories.


Here, you will add any applicable vendor categories and service areas. When new vendors are added to the database, users will be required to select both a category and area for the new vendor. The Categories and Service Areas lists will grow as new categories and regions are added.