You can create your own blog on your website by following the steps below.

Step 1: Login to your WordPress website


Step 2: Select "posts"

Step 3: Select "add new" 

Step 4: Title the post

Step 5: Add any text, media, videos, or links

Step 6: Add category "blog" or select the box next to the "blog" category

Step 7: Set a featured image for the post

Step 8: Select "publish" to finish

Now that you have published your blog post, you'll want to pull it and future posts onto one page. 

Step 9: Go to "appearance"

Step 10: Go to "menus" 

Step 11: Select "categories" 

Step 12: Select "view all"

Step 13: Select "blog" 

Step 14: Select "add to menu"

Step 15: Select "save menu" to save your changes 

All of your blog posts will now pull onto one page accessible in the menu.