Widgets are different sections you can add to the front of your website. This could be anywhere from buttons to videos to testimonials. You can also easily rearrange these widgets by moving them around to where you would like them to sit on the page!

Step 1: Login to your WordPress website

Step 2: Select "appearance"

Step 3: Select "customize"

Step 4: Select "widgets" 

Step 5: Select "front page" 

Step 6: Select "add a widget"

From here you will be able to select from many different widgets to add to your front page.

Note: The TRIBUS theme widgets work best with the website.

You can collapse and uncollapse widgets with the arrows in the right-hand corner, as well as click and drag them to move their order on the page. 

Step 7: Select "publish" to save your changes

Notes: Changes made will be displayed in real time.