The hero image is the main image of your website. This image can be customized with a horizontal image of your choosing and can allow for multiple photos, so when someone refreshes the page they'll see a new image!

Step 1: Log in to your WordPress website

Step 2: Select "appearance" 

Step 3: Select "customize"


Step 4: Select "hero"

From here you can:

  • Choose between two different styles for the property search bar
  • Select multiple images or put in a video link from your computer or media library 
  • Type a message in white text overtop the hero image
  • Decide if you'd like the picture to have a gradient overlay 

Step 5: Select "publish" at the top

Note: For the best hero image, make sure to choose a photo that is horizontal and not vertical. Files accepted are JPG and PNG. The choice is either images or a hosted video. Videos and images do not work at the same time for the hero image section. 

Note: If you would not like the default image to show, then make sure to uncheck the box next to it.