You can create separate pages on your website full of your own content! You can link these pages to your menu or as buttons on your front page.

Step 1: Login to your WordPress website

Step 2: Select "pages"

Step 3: Select "add new" 

From here you can:

  • Title your page
  • Add pictures or videos to the page
  • Change the text size, alignment, font style, and add a link to the page
  • Switch between visual and HTML view of the page 
  • Change the parent page and template for the page 

Step 4: Select "publish" when you're finished

You can also add a capture form to your page. You will scroll to the bottom of the page to see the capture form.

Step 5: Select "yes" 

Step 6: Select a title

Step 7: Select the text for the submit button

Step 8: Select "publish"

Note: After you publish a page you can preview what the page looks like by clicking on the blue hyperlink below the title of the page.