You can add separate pages to your website and link them as a menu item.

Step 1: Login to your Wordpress website

Step 2: Select "pages"

Step 3: Select "add new" 

Step 4: Add a title

Step 5: Add content to the page with the "add widget" button

Step 6: Select "publish" when you are finished

Note: Do not put content in the top text box. If you add content here it will not show on the page. 

Now that you have published your page, you will next attach the page to your menu.

Step 7: Select "appearances"

Step 8: Select "menus"

Step 9: Select "pages" 

Step 10: Select "view all"

Step 11: Select the box next to the page's name

Step 12: Select "add to menu"

Step 13: Select "save menu" to save your changes

Your page will now show in the menu on your website.