You can alter the front page of your website easily within your website. You can change the main image and add widgets to personalize your front page.

Step 1: Login to your WordPress website

Step 2: Select "pages"

Step 3: Select "front page" 

Step 4: You can change the title of the page. We would recommend adding your name or "home"

Note: Do not put your content in the top box. It will not display on the page. You need to instead add a "rich text" widget in order to add the same type of content.

Step 5: Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select "widgets" 

Widget to choose from are: 

  1. Block quote: Put in a quote in a block style 
  2. Capture form: Have clients fill out a capture form to contact you
  3. Contact form banner: A banner style of the capture form
  4. Communities grid: Present a grid view of communities you've created
  5. CTA buttons: Call to action buttons
  6. CTA grid: Call to actions button in a grid style
  7. CTA download: Call to action buttons that allow for the download of a file
  8. Google map: Includes a Google map
  9. Hero: Main image or video for the website
  10. CTA banner: Call to action buttons in a banner style
  11. Image content: Present image content
  12. Media content: Present media content
  13. Properties grid: Present a grid view of properties 
  14. Properties highlights: Present properties in a single-line view
  15. Properties market stats: Present market stats for properties 
  16. Property search: Present a property search
  17. Property search slim: A slim version of the property search
  18. Rich text: Present text, media, and links 
  19. Custom HTML: Add your custom HTML
  20. Testimonials: Pull in your testimonials (Must be sent to:
  21. Users grid: For adding multiple users 
  22. Users single: For adding one user 
  23. Team single: For adding a team
  24. Video content: Present video content
  25. Multi-column CTA: Multiple column call to action buttons

You can add these widgets and can click and drag them to change their order on the page. 

Step 6: Select "update" to save your changes