Communities can give your clientele more information on the areas you serve. It can be one of the deciding factors on why the client would want to move to the area. These communities can give more information on dining, entertainment, shopping, schools, and history of the area.

Step 1: Login to your WordPress website

Step 2: Select "communities" 

Step 3: Select "add new" 

Step 4: Title the community

Step 5: Set a featured image for the community 

Step 6: Add widgets of content to the community page 

Step 7: Select "publish" when you are fininshed

Note: Do not put content in the top text box. If you add content here it will not show on the page. 

Now that you have created your community, you can then connect it to the menu of your website or as a widget on your front page. 

Step 8: Select "appearances" 

Step 9: Select "menus"

Step 10: Select "communities"

Step 11: Select "view all"

Step 12: Select the box next to "communities"

Step 13: Select "add to menu"

Step 14: Select "save menu" to save your changes

Your communities will now pull onto one page and be linked to the menu of your website.

The Community Spotlight part of the communities page can include a video or image.

Step 15: Go to "site settings"

Step 16: Go to "communities"

Step 17 (Optional): Add a description

Step 18: Add an image or video

If you select an image:

  • Select "add image" to add a image from your computer or from your media library

If you select a video: 

  • Choose a video provider (YouTube, VImeo, Wistia, BrightCove)
  • Paste in your video URL
  • Add in the video code (code after the = sign of the video URL)
  • (Optional) Add in your own custom image for the video preview
  • Decide if you would like to have the video autoplay

Step 19: Select "update" to save your changes