Block Quote: Put in a quote in a block style 

Capture Form: Have clients fill out a capture form to contact you

Contact Form Banner: A banner style of the capture form

Communities Grid: Present a grid view of communities you've created

CTA Buttons: Call to action buttons

CTA Grid: Call to actions button in a grid style

CTA Download: Call to action buttons that allow for the download of a file

Google Map: Includes a Google map

Hero: Main image or video for the website

CTA Banner: Call to action buttons in a banner style

Image Content: Present image content

Media Content: Present media content

Properties Grid: Present a grid view of properties

Properties Highlights: Present properties in a single-line view

Properties Market Stats: Present market stats for properties 

Property Search: Present a property search

Property Search Slim: A slim version of the property search

Rich Text: Present text, media, and links

Custom HTML: Add your custom HTML

Testimonials: Pull in your testimonials (Must be sent to:

Users Grid: For adding multiple users 

Users Single: For adding one user


Team Single: For adding a team

Video Content: Present video content

Multi-column CTA: Multiple column call to action buttons

Featured Blog Posts: Display your three latest blog posts