Follow these steps to add a new user to your site.


1. Log into MyTRIBUS, and navigate to Users in the sidebar menu. You will see this under Roster on the left side.



2. There are three options on the left menu-bar, Create User, Search and Page Settings. In most cases, you'll be adding a brand new user to MyTRIBUS.  You can do this under the Create button on the left menu-bar. 





3. After creating a new users, it's recommended to enter as many fields of information as possible on the Create User profile page, the following items are crucial.

  • First/Last Name

  • Display Name - after entering first and last name, select the appropriate Display Name from the dropdown.

  • Office - select an office to link the agent to the company's roster page

  • Mobile/Office Phone Numbers

  • Agent Photo

  • MLS ID#(s) - this pulls an agent's listings into site widgets and theme options

  • Agent Bio

  • Social Media URLs - while these are not required, adding them before the agent's site is created will auto-populate them to the agent site. 

Again, all remaining fields are optional, but strongly recommended, as they will show a more complete agent profile on the company roster page, as well as push listing-based identifiers to site widgets and theme options.

**Please note that usernames cannot be changed after the account is created, so choose wisely and enter carefully.**