Property marketing makes it simple for you to send out a listing. You can set up these property marketing emails under the properties section of myTRIBUS.

Note: The products feature is only available for the premium version of myTRIBUS

Step 1: Login to myTRIBUS

Step 2: Select "properties" on the left-hand side menu

Step 3: Select "my listings" on the top bar to sort the MLS by your properties only, or the magnifying glass on the left hand side menu to search for your property

Step 4: Select the property you wish to send out the marketing email for

Step 5: Select the paper icon with a "+" sign on the left hand side menu

Note: This symbol will only appear if it's your property

Step 6: Select either a "new listing" blast to send out an email with the property, or select the "print/social" options for print marketing and social media pieces

From there, you can send out your blast email or be sent to design studio to create your social media or print marketing piece.

Note: You can view the article for blast emails here:

Note: You can view the article for design studio here: