Tags are a great tool for you to utilize in order to organize your contacts and to make it easy for you to search through your contacts and pull them into your marketing emails. 

You can use the check the box to the left of the name to mass select contacts to tag. You can also click on the individual contact and use the tag button next to the contact's name.

Next, you can either select the global tags that are shared with all users, or you can create your own tag.

If you select the "+" sign to create a tag, then the box below will pop-up.

  1. name the tag
  2. choose a color to further organize your tags
  3. set a contact frequency reminder (premium myTRIBUS only)

The contact frequency attached to the tag will then have contacts appear under the "needs contact" tab of the dashboard to remind you to reach out to them. This option will only show if your brokerage has the premium version of myTRIBUS.

Tags can also be managed under the "my account" portion of myTRIBUS. Just click on the bubble in the top right-hand corner of the portal to access "my account" settings. 

Scrolling down the left-hand side menu you will select the "tags" tab and it will pull up a menu with a list of your current tags. You can search through your tags by clicking the magnifying glass, or you can add a new tag by choosing the "+" sign.

Searching Tags

You can also easily search through your tags by selecting the magnifying glass icon on the left-hand side menu of your contact dashboard. 

You will scroll down to the "tags" section of the search menu and expand it to be presented with three options to search your tags:

  1. Tag (Any): Can have any of the tags searched
  2. Tag (All): Must have all of the tags searched
  3. Tag (Exclude): Must not contain tags searched

Once you start typing in a tag it will auto-populate allowing for you to then check the boxes next to the tags you want to search for.