Step 1: Login to MyTRIBUS

Step 2: Click the contacts button which will be on the left-hand side of the menu.

On the left-hand side menu you will have the ability to:

  • add a contact in with the plus sign icon
  • search through contacts with the magnifying glass
  • personalize page settings for the contacts with the bar graph

Note: If you have a large amount of contacts then please send them to us in an Excel Spreadsheet/CSV file. You can email the file to:

Clicking on a contact will then display their profile. On the left-hand side you can choose whether to:

  • edit the contact with the pencil icon
  • archive the contact with the trash can icon
  • send a flexmail to the contact with the letter icon
  • record when the contact was last contacted with the clock icon

Under the contact's name there will be another menu that can be accessed. You can:

  • add and view notes on the contact 
  • view any properties you have added the contact to
  • add and view any tasks for the contact
  • create, control, and view any saved searches or market updates created for the contact
  • view any messages sent to the contact 

On the right-hand side you can also view the contact's activity stream. This stream will present all of the activity associated to your contact. You can search through their activity with the magnifying glass, or you can add in your own custom activity with the "+" sign.

You can associate your contact with another contact you have on the right-hand side under "create a household". You will select the name of the contact and decide on what their relation is to each another is. 

If you select the box next to a contact's name then a menu will appear at the top. From here you can:

  • record when you last contacted your clients
  • export your contacts into a CSV file or create mailing labels (contact must have a valid address)
  • send a quick flexmail to reach out to your clients
  • write a note on your contacts
  • attach tags to your contacts to organize them
  • create tasks for your contacts
  • archive contacts if you need to remove them from your list