You can easily send out quick emails to reach out to your clients within myTRIBUS.

Note: The flex mail feature is only available for the premium version of myTRIBUS

Step 1. Login to myTRIBUS

Step 2. Select "contacts"

Step 3. Select the contact(s)

Step 4: Select "flex mail"

Note: If you select a contact(s) that have an invalid email address then the button for flex mail will turn grey and will be unavailable.

You will then be presented with many options to create your flex mail. The options include:

  • Clicking "insert suggested content" to insert a pre-written message into the email
  • Clicking "insert merge tag" to merge your contact's or your own information into the email
  • Choosing "my email signature" to append your email signature to the email
  • Populate the same default message for everyone
  • Or skip sending out a default message to everyone and instead send individual messages

Once you have finished with all of your messages, you can then select "send all messages" to send the flex mails to your clients. These emails will always look like an email from you to them and all of the contacts that it has been sent to will not see that other contacts received the email as well.