Chat & News is a great place for you to check-in on company news, talk with other agents, and to post your needs easily within myTRIBUS.

Step 1: Login to myTRIBUS.

Step 2: Select "chat & news" from the left-hand side menu.

Your myTRIBUS Chat and News section is the place for communications within your brokerage and its business. Here, you can access a variety of features:

  • Various Channels 
  • Creating Threads 
  • Replying to Threads
  • Subscribing and unsubscribing from a channel

The Chat & News sections is an open area for communication within your brokerage.  Your brokerage has the ability to create custom threads, some examples could be: 

  • Important Messages from IT
  • Looking for Recommendations
  • Legal News & Updates
  • Social Events.  

Note: You have the ability to tell if you are subscribed to a channel by noticing the check-mark to the right of the channel name. If there is an eye icon next to the channel then that means you are unsubscribed.

Note: When you post a thread in a channel everyone who is subscribed to that channel will receive an email that you have posted a thread for them to view. If a channel has a grey checkmark then that means it is mandatory you are subscribed to that channel and you will not be able to post in that channel because it is for your brokerage to update you only.