You can access the "Resources" section under Intranet portion dashboard's left menu-bar.

Your myTRIBUS Resources section is the place for sharing resources and links. Here, you can access a variety of features:

  • Integrations

  • MLS

  • Single Sign Ons

  • Syndications

  • Videos

The "Resources" section of the software allows for your brokerage to provide agents and staff with links to resources.  Currently, the resources section of the software has sections for integrations, MLS, Single Sign-Ons, Syndications, or Videos.  When you are viewing the "Resources" within myTRIBUS you will notice under the blue-bar the different sections that you can use to navigate between different categories or it can be used to filter specific resources types.

After you click on one of the "Resources" you will be brought to the specific URL linked to that button.  We like to think of "Resources" as a launch pad to access any 3rd party integrations, websites, or documents that may be used by your brokerage. (ex. ) .