Properties are connected to the MLS and will pull in all of its data. Properties can allow you to keep track of your properties and set up automatic listing alerts for your clients.

Step 1: Login to myTRIBUS

Step 2: Select "properties" on the left-hand side menu

You will then be taken to the properties landing page.

The left-hand menu will allow you to:

  • Add off-market properties with the "+" sign icon
  • Search for specific property criteria by using the magnifying glass icon
  • Choose page options by clicking on the bar graph icon. 

There are also tabs across the top of the page that allow you to sort the MLS data by:

  • Your listings
  • Your sold listings
  • Company listings
  • Company sold listings


You can also view specific details on a property by clicking on the individual property listing. You can use the left-hand side menu to:

  • Select the pencil icon to edit the property
  • Select the square with the star icon to create marketing materials for the property (Must be your property for this icon to appear)
  • Select the Facebook icon to create a Facebook or Google advertisement for the property
  • Select the three dot icon to share the property
  • Select the trash can icon to delete the property

Note: The property marketing feature is only available on the premium version of myTRIBUS. Some options will not be available.

The top tabs allow you to toggle between more details on the property, most notably the information from the MLS. 

If you scroll down the property page you will also see a map for amenities close to the property. 

You can also use the tabs across the bottom of the page to:

  • Add and view notes on the property with the message icon
  • Add a client to the property with the single person icon
  • Add and view tasks related to the property with the checkmark icon
  • View the agent(s) associated to the property with the double person icon
  • Add and view the marketing summary for the property with the three bar icon

Saved Searches and Market Updates

On the main properties dashboard you can use the magnifying glass icon to set up new listing alerts called saved searches and market updates.


You will be then taken to the search menu where you can choose from many filters to pinpoint the criteria your client is looking for. You will click "apply" once you are done.

Once you have applied the search criteria, the system will then search through the MLS data to pull the specific properties that fit the search criteria. 

A paper airplane icon will then appear at the top of the screen next to "properties."

After you have clicked the paper airplane icon, you will then be prompted to:

  • Add the contact(s) that will be receiving the saved search or market update
  • The subject of the email
  • Check the box for a saved search, market update, or even both.

Once you have created the saved search or market update you can then access the menu to change these emails criteria and frequency by going to "contacts" under the main left-hand menu and then clicking on the contact(s) that have the saved search or market update associated with them. 

Note: Saved searches will be sent out the following morning, and market updates will be sent out on the 1st of the month.

You will click on the bell icon to access the market update and saved search section.

From here you can:

  • Turn on/off the alerts
  • Send them in real time instead
  • CC yourself on the emails
  • Edit or delete the emails
  • Add a new search with the "+" sign icon