Drip emails are one of the main ways to get your information across to your prospective clients, current clients, and past clients. To create a Drip email is fairly simple, In this article, we will go over how to get your drip created, contacts added, and how to schedule and send.

Creating the Drip

To start creating a drip, the first thing you'll want to do is to log in to your myTRIBUS account. Once logged in, you will want to go into the Marketing Area. Depending on your brokerage, it may be named differently, for our example, it is called "Marketing" under the CRM Section.

           Once in Marketing, Click on the "Drip Marketing" option.

Now that we are in Drip Marketing, you will see a list of your previously sent drips, if you have not sent any drips, then you may not see any listed at all. To start creating the drip, you will either click the + sign on the left-hand side of the screen to start from scratch, or click the three dots on the right to clone a pre-existing template.

Once you clone a template, you will have a template with Copy in the title. Click on the copy and it will take you to the editor screen. Under the Messages tab you can view the titles of the drips, view the messages in the drip campaign, their schedule, as well as the individual stats for each message.

Clicking on the Title of a message allows you to go into the edit screen to edit the message content as well as the schedule it will be sent out on. Make sure to scroll to the bottom of the page to click the Update button so the changes will be saved.

Once you have the drip messages edited and on the schedule you prefer, you can then start to add the contacts that you want to receive the drip campaign. Click on the Subscribers tab and then choose whether you would like to add your contacts individually, all the contacts assigned to you, or by pulling them in by the options provided like Tags.

Once you have the subscribers you wish to receive the drip campaign added, you can press Update to schedule the drips to go out. You can add subscribers at anytime to the drip campaign by adding them and updating, and the subscriber will always start at the beginning of the drip campaign and go through each message according to the schedule set. The Settings tab should include whichever user is wanting to send the drip campaign.

You can also create your own drip campaigns from scratch. By using the + sign to create a drip, you will be prompted to add a title for the drip as well as to click the Create button to start. You will then go to the Messages tab and click on the + sign to create a drip message for your campaign. 

You will then be taken to an edit screen, which will allow you to decide the title of the drip, the schedule it will be sent out on, and the Design Email button which will let you decide between creating a Rich or Text drip email. For the text option, you will be creating a text only email. If you choose the rich option, you will be able to build out an email with pictures, buttons, and text.

If you choose the Rich option, you will be taken to the editor screen, where you can either choose from the right-hand menu options to build out your email, or you can click the pencil, or inside the grey box to edit the email.

You do not have to save, it will auto-save the message when you click on the Exit Fullscreen Editor to go back to the main editorOnce you have your drip campaign messages added, you can then add subscribers and update the drip campaign the same way as you previously completed with the template.