Seller reports allows you to send a detailed report to a seller on their property. This report will let the seller know everything that is being done to promote their property. You can add tasks and create marketing pieces in order to show the marketing activity being taken with the property.

Step 1: Login to myTRIBUS

Step 2: Select "contacts" on the left-hand side menu

Step 3: Select the contact you wish to create a seller report for

Step 4: Select the bell icon

Step 5: Select the "+" sign next to "seller reports"

Step 6: Type in the property's address and click "create"

Step 7: Select the 3 dots under "actions"

Step 8: Select "send now" to send out the report immediately. You can include a message to be attached to the report as well.

Note: The email will cover the last 30 days of activity. If you choose "send now" then it will cover the last week of activity instead.

Note: You can also see when the report was created, use the toggle switch to turn off and on the alerts, and edit or delete the alerts with the 3 dot icon

Here is what the email will look like to the client:

The first part of the email will display:

  • The agent's headshot and contact information
  • The date range the activity is from
  • A photo of the property
  • The property's information

The second part of the email will include: 

  • The message you wrote when sending the report
  • An activity snapshot that shows how many page views, inquiries, showings, and open houses for the property

The third part of the email will include marketing activity for the property. There will also be a preview button the seller can click on to view the marketing materials that have been created for the property. 

The fourth part of the email will include:

  • A market snapshot for the property
  • The source of the market snapshot data
  • Any showing activity for the property 

The last part of the email will include:

  • The listing agent's contact information
  • Ways for the seller to reach out to the listing agent
  • The ability to review the full report for the property

Note: The seller report emails will be branded towards you and your brokerage.