Some basic fundamentals on Routes:

  • The default for all Agent subsites is to assign to the Agent only.

  • Team Site Routing Rules are based on Admin set on site as well as Team and Routes Settings

You may want to set specific routing rules for your website and your agent subsites. 

As a Super-User click on the Routes Tab:

You will be brought to a website search screen, you can search set the routes for your man brokerage site or any subsite here: 

Listing Agent Route Options:

Option 1: Override lead routing rules to assign the listing agent whenever possible.

    Custom and Default Route will be overridden to assign to listing agent if in CRM

Option 2: Give listing agent 5 edit minute(s) to accept the lead prior to it being routed to other users.

    An email will be sent to the listing agent, if listing agent does not click link in email within the allotted time Custom and/or Default routing rule will be applied.

Option 3: Do not give any priority to the listing agent.

    Only Custom and/or Default routing rule will be applied. 

Custom Routes:

You will also have options to set up custom round robin assignments.


When a contact is created related to a listing on your website, you will be able to have those leads assigned based on some key listing attributes.

    *Note: Make sure to name your Custom Route*

User Management:

To add a user click the check box next to their name, then click on the button with the arrow pointing to the right. 

To remove a user click on the check box next to their name, then click on the button with the arrow pointing to the left. 

Only users in the right hand collom will be active in this Custom Route 


    Round Robin: The system will assign a lead to each member of the queue, in the order that they’re listed in on the queue list. Once the queue makes it’s way through the entire list, it will start again at the top. Once a lead is given to someone, it’s automatically assigned to them. No acceptance is required.

Round Robin w/Acceptance: All of the basics that are included in the regular Round Robin option, but each agent is given 5 edit minute(s) with which to click the accept button to have the lead assigned to them. If they do not accept within the time period, the queue will move to the next person in line.

First to Accept: A notification will be sent out to all queue members simultaneously, which expires after 5 edit minute(s) and the first person to accept the lead will win the assignment. Everyone has an equal opportunity to claim each lead that gets sent out through this queue. Agents who try to claim the lead after someone else has already accepted will receive a message stating that the lead is no longer available.

Once you have you desired setting click CREATE.

You can view rules setting from the main page

Default User:

The user set here will receive be assigned any leads that did not get filtered by any previous rules. 

    *Note: This will be the Agent on the website for Agent Sites*