Facebook advertising has revolutionized the way businesses reach potential customers, especially millennials. With as many as one in five homes sold this year belonging to a buyer from the millennial generation, real estate professionals must use their resources wisely when trying to capture their attention.

Utilizing Facebook's powerful ad platform, combined with Tribus' user-friendly dashboard, you'll reach this growing audience to deliver the right message at the right time in just a few clicks. Whether you're looking to inform buyers of new home listings or generate leads on future sales opportunities, leveraging Engages unique targeting capabilities is key to reaching millennials with customized messaging that will resonate with them more deeply than traditional channels ever could.

Engage makes advertising easy so you can focus on what you're good at - selling houses. In this article, we're going to dive in and learn how to create a lead-generation ad on Facebook so you can drive more business and close more deals.

Navigating to Engage Digital Ads 

To begin creating your first ad, you're going to need to log into your myTribus CRM.

Type this into the URL section of your browser: www.{brokeragename}.mytribus.com and log into your CRM

After you've logged in, navigate to the "Marketing" section on the left side of your dashboard.

Note: Your brokerage can have this named differently but it's always under your CRM & "Contacts" section.

Next, you're going to click on the "Engage Digital Ads" link box.

That it! Now you're ready to connect your business page so you can start generating leads and have them funnel into your CRM.

Connecting Your Facebook Business Page

Before you can create your first ad, you'll need to connect your business profile page. If you already have this connection then you can move on to Step 2.

If you don't have it connected already, you will be prompted to connect your page if you haven't already and all you have to do is follow the instructions on the screen.

After you have followed the instructions on the screen, you'll then get prompted to accept Facebook's lead form terms of service as this is the way of capturing people's information.

From here you can click the black "GO TO DASHBOARD" button to head over to our program dashboard. 

Select the Single Image Listing - Generate Leads program

Now you've made it to our quick start dashboard where you'll be able to create a variety of marketing campaigns based on your business and marketing goals. All of our programs follow our simple and easy 1-2-3 set-up process:

  1. Set Up Your Ad
  2. Choose Your Schedule & Ad Spend
  3. Review & Checkout

That is it! Now you're ready to create a campaign to generate leads for your business. 

Click the black "Get Started" button to move into the first step of your ads set-up process. 

Step 1: Choose Your Property

As you move into the ad set-up process, you'll first be prompted to select your listing.

Go ahead and click the black "+" button to add your listing.

You'll also be able to see changes made to your ad update in real-time in our ad preview so you know how it will look to users.

All the listings you have in your inventory will be synced so you can select the listing you want to advertise.

Select your preferred listing by clicking on the black circle on the left-hand side and by clicking DONE at the bottom right corner.

Configure Your Location Targeting & Audience

After you have selected your listing, it's time to select your target location and audience.

For locations, you can target either the listing location or choose your custom locations.

We've built a pre-built audience based on real estate interests based on Facebook's Special Ad housing category.

If you do want to advertise to a custom audience, you can choose "My Own Audience" to advertise to them directly.

Please note we do have a minimum requirement of 300 emails if you want to create your audience, so if you don't have that big of an email list you should just select the Prebuilt Audience.

Edit Your Creative

With the finishing touches, it's time to craft your ad creative and captivate potential prospects with a message to capture their information.

Each text field will have placeholder text options so you can streamline your ad production with relevant details about the listing.

Headline - Your headline is the boldest of the text and is displayed right under the image. Your headline's purpose is to grab the attention of your target audience and encourage them to engage with the ad. A good headline should be able to quickly communicate the key benefit or message of the ad to the viewer, and make it clear why they should be interested.

To create compelling headlines, you can follow these tips:

  • Make the headlines personal by using second-person pronouns to make them more relevant to each individual reader.

  • Emphasize power words, such as "free," "new," and "exclusive," which have a strong emotional impact and can tap into people's desires.

  • Use urgency to your advantage by using words that imply urgency, such as "limited time offer" or "shop now."

  • Grab attention with numbers, whether it's statistics, social proof, or quantifying a benefit.

  • Put your biggest selling points front and centre, highlighting what you do differently or better than competitors.

  • Play on audience pain points by mentioning a major struggle and offering a solution that works.

Body - The body text field in Facebook ads offers the perfect opportunity for creativity! Get creative and make sure your message stands out from the rest. Crafting a detailed but concise description of your listing or services can help generate more interest from potential home buyers. Let your imagination run wild and make sure you keep an eye on the character count - some hyper-targeted copywriting may work wonders!

Description - This text field can contain up to 250 characters in length as an additional way to connect with viewers and help build trust with your brand. 

Image - When it comes to advertising real estate listings on Facebook, investing in high-quality images is essential. Good photos can add significant value to your ad, drawing attention and inspiring potential buyers. Rich visuals help bring the advertisement to life by portraying a property's unique features and allowing viewers to truly envision what it's like to live there.

Successful real estate Facebook ads require more than just a witty phrase and a beautiful image. Crafting a compelling headline that stands out from the endless stream of clutter is a skill in its own right while finding the perfect photo to capture prospects' attention takes time and effort.

Ultimately, your ad's success hinges not just on the visual appeal but on how much thought you put into it. What statement are you trying to make? Who is your target audience? A well-thought-out ad that speaks to specific people will be far more successful than another generic message with mediocre imagery. With the right combination of sharp text and captivating visuals, you can reach an audience that is primed for success.

Next, we'll move on to step 2 of our 3-step process which will be to set up your ads schedule and desired ad spend.

Step 2: Determine Your Ads Schedule & Spend 

The second step in your setup process is to determine your ad's intended schedule and ad spend.

Start by selecting your start date then move on to selecting its end date.

Next, you'll move on to choosing your desired budget for running your ad.

You can get started for as little as $49 but if you go below that, you'll get an error message advising you to increase your spending. Since your ad will get placed on a variety of networks like Instagram and WhatsApp, our platform has this minimum requirement spend to ensure your ad gets evenly placed to maximize your budget's reach.

You'll then move on to filling out your credit card information as this will be used to pay for any campaigns you create.

After you add your credit card, you'll then move on to naming your program to keep track of it.

Once you name your program, you can move onto click the black, "Next" button in the right-hand corner.

Things Worth Noting: 

Based on years of collected data, we have found that campaigns get their best results with a minimum daily spend of $5-10 per day.

Launching a new Facebook ads campaign is an exciting step for any business, but you shouldn't expect that initial success to be sustaining results immediately. When creating your ad, please refrain from making any changes in its learning phase, this is sometime around the first 1-3 days of launching your ad.

Whenever changes or new shots at optimization are made, the Facebook delivery system goes into a learning phase - essentially, it's figuring out which people and places respond best. During this time, performance is unreliable because the delivery system has yet to master the ad set. Cost per result may also be higher during this period, but fret not!

We recommend you allow a minimum campaign schedule of 2+ weeks for optimal results to let your ad gather it's necessary for the first couple of days as it enters it's learning phase. 

Making any changes too quickly will only set you back in your optimization efforts - wait for the learning phase to complete before beginning any edits, then assess performance before making any changes.

Making necessary adjustments is crucial for successful campaigns but be sure to avoid those unnecessary edits if you can or else they may cause your ad sets to start the learning phase all over again!

The learning phase is important for optimizing your ad sets in the long run, so while results may be initially weak, over time they should improve with each iteration. When you get the urge to optimize, remember that thoughtfully planned and meaningful edits are what's going to truly create success.

Step 3: Review Your Ad & Check Out

You're almost done! The final and third step in our ad creation process is to review and check out your ad before you launch it live.

Please review your ad and if you need to make adjustments, you can click the "Back" button next to the "Checkout" button on the right-hand corner

After you hit checkout, you will then have to wait around 24 hours for FaceBook to approve your ad. This is just to ensure your landing page and content are abiding by their guidelines. 

Not to worry, we find that ads get approved in less time than that so you can start generating leads in no time!

You can check on the status of your ad by navigating to the "Programs" dropdown section and selecting its specific blueprint i.e branding, listings, and automation. 

You can also click through to your program to check it's performance and analytics. 

For more information on Engage, please see our Engage Frequently Asked Questions Article.