According to a NAR 2020 report, 97% of all homeowners began their home-buying journey with an online search. Thus establishing your online presence is critical to your success. Getting in front of the right people at the right time with the right message has never been easier and Tribus provides all the tools you need to succeed. You can easily build and manage your real estate Facebook and Google Ads directly from your CRM with Engage Digital Ads. Our agents have generated leads with a cost per lead averaging below $5! 

We’ve designed Engage to be a simple, user-friendly platform to help alleviate the stress and time-consuming nature of advertising. Spend less time dealing with complicated marketing platforms and more time on what truly matters; closing deals. With just a few clicks, this feature allows you to increase brand awareness, advertise listings, and drive leads straight to your CRM!

Marketing Blueprints 

Using any of our specially crafted blueprints you can create campaigns based on your desired objective. Engage comes with these 6 blueprints ready to help you with these marketing initiatives:

Single Image Listing | Drive Web Traffic
Leverage your listings to drive Web Traffic from Facebook.

Single Image Listing | Generate Leads
Leverage your listings and capture information from potential prospects to drive Leads on Facebook.

Drive Web Traffic for Marketing
Show users branded content and drive them to a website.

Agent Promotion | Generate Leads 
Promote your business on Facebook to generate leads.

Video Agent Promotion | Generate Traffic  
Harness the power of visual media and increase your brand's exposure with a captivating video to send traffic to your website. 

Dynamic Real Estate Ads | Drive Web Traffic
Advertise recommended listings from your full inventory and generate traffic using Facebook Dynamic Ads.

Google Search Flex | Drive Web Traffic
Advertise your website to have it appear at the top of the Google Search results. Increase your ad's relevancy by adding Sitelinks, Callouts, and Phone number extensions to drive calls and target your ideal audience. 

Google Search | Drive Web Traffic
Drive traffic to your website from selected regions using Google Search Ads

Let’s take a look at how we can leverage the power of TRIBUS Engage and learn how to create our first ad using our Single Image Listing - Generate Leads blueprint.

Connecting Your Facebook Business Page 
Before you begin creating your first ad, you will need to set up and connect your Facebook Business Profile page. It is suggested you have two pages to keep your professional and personal pages separate. 

You can achieve this by logging in to your myTRIBUS account. 

Once you log in, you will need to find and click on the “Marketing” area in the CRM section of your dashboard.

Quick Note: Brokerages are free to name this section whatever they please, as such you might find this to be named differently depending on your brokerage. 

After you enter the marketing dashboard click on “Engage Digital Ads”.

After clicking on Engage, you’ll then get taken to our blueprint dashboard where you’ll be prompted to click “Link Facebook Page” and connect your Facebook Business page.

Note: We understand that not all agents have business profiles on Facebook. If you are wanting to kickstart campaigns but don’t have time to make a business page you can reach out to our success team and we will be happy to guide you through the process! 

Once you have connected your Facebook Business Profile, you will then see a screen like this indicating that your page is working properly. You can then click, “Continue Creating Order” to begin running your first ad!

Creating Your First Ad

You can begin creating an ad by clicking the “Get Started” button on any blueprint. For the sake of this article, we will walk you through how to set up an ad using one of our most popular blueprints, our Single Image Listing | Generate Leads program. 

After clicking the, “Get Started” button, you’ll then get taken inside the program creator to begin creating your first ad. 

This program requires a listing to be selected to get started. Potential leads will then fill out a short 3-question form to capture their details which will then take them to see that specific listing.

First, you must select the listing you want to advertise. Simply select the listing from your inventory by clicking the circle on the left side and click “Done” in the bottom right corner. 

Geo-Targeting Location 

Next, you will then select your targeting options on where you want your ad to be served. Consider where you want your leads to come from either the listing location or a custom location by city or zip code. Custom locations allow you to select multiple locations to target and you can add up to a 50-mile radius for areas with lower populations. 


Moving on to audiences, you can choose to target either a prebuilt audience or use your custom-uploaded audience. The prebuilt audience is based on activities and pages in real estate people engage in across Meta technologies. 

Note: FB does have a 100-contact match minimum to create a custom audience. We find that it generally takes about 300 emails to reach that match requirement, so that is the minimum to create those through the platform 

After you set your location and audience preferences you can then move on to editing the ad creative. This blueprint comes with a form and call to action button already built in so editing comes with 4 parts:

Headline - This is the boldest part of your creative that helps your intended user quickly identify the ad's content. 

Body - The primary text above the image used to communicate your message.

Description - Text underneath the headline to describe more details 

Image - The visual image you want to use in your ad. You can select images preloaded from the listing or upload your custom image. 

Best Practices for Digital Ads 

The best method to figure out what truly resonates with your audience is to test your advertisement. You can test different headlines, images, and text messaging by running two ads with similar content at the same time but changing one variable. This is what’s known as an A/B test and will give you deeper insights as you compare the performance of both ads. As you decide your strategic approach for your ads, here are some standard best practices from Facebook to follow. 

  • Keep your copy concise. Your primary body text should span 2-3 lines at most.

  • Be transparent and communicate what you want your audience to do. Your ad copy should be created with your end goal in mind. 

  • Use high-resolution images with eye-catching designs to eliminate the possibility of your ad becoming pixelated or blurry.

  • Offer real value to your audience. Whether it's a free home evaluation, a downloadable checklist, or something they can get in return.

  • Instead of simply just showing the listing, add images and copy that appeal to your target audience's emotions.

Schedule & Budget 

After you are done editing your creative you will then move on to choose your schedule and budget for your campaign. The drop-down calendar makes it easy to set up your schedule and you can type in or adjust the scroller to select your budget.

There is a recommended daily minimum spend of $3.50 per day to start. This is so Facebook's algorithm has enough data and time to collect information and get you optimal results. If you go below the $49 threshold, you will get an error message prompting you to increase your spend. 

You’ll then move on to put in your payment method and name your program. The partner invoice and promo code sections are for brokerages only. After you name your program you can click next and go to the checkout page.


Once you click “Next”, you’ll move onto the checkout page to finalize your payment. Because Facebook owns Instagram & WhatsApp, your ad will be placed on those channels. Before you click checkout, remember to quality-check your ad one last time for any errors. Once you’ve made sure your ad is good to go you can click “Checkout”. 

You’re not quite done yet, your ad still has to go through Facebook's review process for approval. This can take up to 24hrs but we’ve seen them get approved much faster.

After your ad goes through the approval process, you can check on the status of your ad to edit or cancel it by going to “Programs” under the “Listings” section. You’ll see the ad status turn green if your campaign is running, you can click into the program to make any changes. 

Viewing & Editing Your Program 


When you click on your program you’ll be able to view the details surrounding your campaign. From here you’ll also be able to; 

  • Edit or cancel your program

  • See your Order ID, Billing, and Ad status

  • See stats for any likes, views, comments and leads 

Your campaign has been running for a couple of days now and you see that some leads came in. Well done! You want to be sure to follow up with your leads as soon as they come in. 

To find out what leads came in through your campaign, you’re going to need to turn on the “Source” column in your contacts section. To do this, you’re going to want to go back into your CRM and navigate to “Contacts

Checking Incoming Leads 

Click on the “Personalize” circle to expand the columns. 

Make sure that “Source” is checked and that you save your changes by hitting apply. 

Next, click on the magnifying glass to search for the “Source” column. 

Search for any variation of the word “Engage” in the Source box and hit “Apply”.

Under the Source column, you will now be able to see what leads came in through Tribus Engage. Your contacts will be arranged according to the date they were received first.

Simply click on the contact to see their activity stream and what property they’re associated with.