Getting Started

You may want to create an automatic email that will go out to your clients to keep them updated on what is happening in the market. 

This guide with show you how to create, edit, manage and delete alert emails.

  1. Log into myTRIBUS
  2. Navigate to the properties tab
  3. Click on the magnifying glass Icon
  4. On the pop-out menu select your search modifiers and click apply
  5. Click the paper airplane icon

Creating Alert

Contact(s)* - Add one or most contacts. Start by trying contact name.

Name* - Name this alert. This will be the subject line for the email. 

Market Update - Email sent Monthly With Market Stats, listing, and sales-related data.
    Note: In order to see sales make sure to include Close/Sold status in your search.

Saved Searches - Email sent Daily with new listings related to search

    Note: The first email will be sent the morning after creation. 

Only new listings that are added to the MLS will be sent. 

An email will not include all listings currently on market.

The link at bottom of the email will take the client to your website showing all listings

that are on the market matching your search. 

Managing  Alerts

Once you have created an Email Alert can visit a client profile to manage.

Here you can toggle on and off the alerts.

You can also toggle CC Assigned User, this will CC you in the email that is sent to your client allowing for an ongoing conversation based on the listing that is sent. 

Under Actions, you can click here to edit or delete the Alert.


Editing Alerts

You can also edit an existing alert should the information you are looking to provide your client Change.

Any changes made will be seen in the next email that is sent

  1. Click the Three Dots under Action
  2. Click the + to open the Search Panel
  3. Add your new search modifiers
  4. Click apply
  5. Then update

Create Alerts On The Contact Page

You can also create alerts from a contacts page as well. Unlike on the property page, the Contact Name area will be auto-filled.

  1. Click on the + near to the left of the alert you are looking to create.
  2. On the pop-up menu enter a name for the alert, this will be the subject line of the alert.
  3. Click on the + here to open the Search Panel, and choose your modifiers.
  4. Click Apply then Create.