As a Super User/Admin you can create templates that Agents can use. 

Creating Templates helps to keep branding and continuity for Blast Marketing and will speed up the process of sending out marketing.

To create template you will follow this path:

On the left menu click on Marketing

Once in Marketing, click on Blast Templates

Here you can view all templates that have already been completed. 

To Create a new Template click the Plus Sign on the left Menu


There are a few options here:

  1. Assign to yourself - Only you and SuperUsers/Admins will have access to use Template
  2. Assign to Agent - Only selected Agent and SuperUsers/Admins will have access to use Template 
  3. Leave Owner Blank - Users of all roles will have access to use Template

You will also add a Template Title on this step by replacing the Untitled* field 


The Next Step in creating your template is deciding if this Template will include properties and if so how many.

This will be used with any of the dynamic items you add to your Template.


Next you can move on your the Template Content: 

First add a Subject - This will be what the client sees as the email Subject when sent.

Now click Design Email:

For the Template you are able to choose Rich or Text. 

  1. Rich will present you with options such as Image, Call to Action and more 
  2. Text will be a simple text only message.

Stepper Options

The Default for Templates will be to have to Stepper On: Content is locked

You can toggle this option to OFF by clicking directly on STEPPER: ON but is not recommended

With the Stepper On you can change each rows Editable status. 

Style Editable Checked - Style of row will be editable (color, font, etc...)

Content Editable Checked - Text/Photo/Object will be editable (type your own text, place own image, etc...)

Both Checked - Both Content and style

Neither Checked - Area will not be editable

(Note: that at any time you can also click the eye to preview)

Left menu options.

1. Rows & Columns is how you will format your template. You will have the following options:

2. Text will create a box with a format already included as shown below.

3. Image will create a box with the photo of your choice shown below.

4. Call To Action will create a Row with a Button. You will then add a URL for the button.

5. More provides a few options:

    a. Spacer will add a Row with a blank space

    b. Divider adds a Row with Black line inside

    c. HTML adds a Row that is enabled for HTML 

6. Settings provides for selections to edit your overall Template

Once You have completed your design click EXIT FULLSCREEN EDITOR


On the Photo tab you can add photos of finished products using this template. 

This provides agents with examples of what using this blast will looks like for them

With the Preview some dynamic tags or photos will only show place holders so this area is important to provide a best case photo when this template is used.

Click Create and now users will be able to use your creation.