You can access the "Contacts" section from the main dashboard's left menu-bar:

All of your contacts can be stored in the TRIBUS IDX/CRM Lead Manager, whether they be future prospects, current leads, or former clients. We've made it easy to access and view all of your leads, right from the back-end of your website. No need to log in to a different system!  Some of the columns in the header are clickable to sort by that column.  Clicking the lead's name will take you to the Lead Activity page.  

Contact Profile

After you have clicked on a "Contact" you will be directed to their Details page.  This will be an overview of the contact.  

The following information will be displayed:

  • Name

  • Phone Number

  • Email

  • Activity Stream

  • Notes

  • Tasks

  • Transactions

  • Marketing

  • Messages

You have the ability to "Edit" or "Delete" contacts from the myTRIBUS left menu-bar.

If you clicked on the "Edit" button, you would be taken to the "Edit Contact" page.  This page allows for you to change personal information of the contact.  All of the contact fields that can be edited will allow you to simply click and enter information into its field.