Systems Used: MyTRIBUS

  1. To start with, the person that is going to be receiving the Saved Search must have a contact created under the User sending the Saved Search.

  2. Then go to the Properties Section on the left.

  3. Click the Magnifying Glass on the left, and put in your search parameters for the search you would like to send. 

  4. Hit apply, and once the results Load, you will see a paper Airplane symbol near the top of the page. Click that icon.

  5. On the page pops up you will see 2 choices, Saved Search and Market Report. Only select the Market Report option.

  6. Search out the contact you would like to send the Market Report to. Then Name the actual Market Report. 

  7. Click Create

Helpful Tips

  • Nothing will be sent out the day that you create the Market Report.

  • The first Market Report that goes out will go out on the following 1st of the month. 

  • New Market Reports will go out each month on the 1st.

  • If someone contacts us saying that the property links in their Market Report emails are not working, the Property URL in the agents API Website entry in Displet is likely wrong.

  • Headers and Footers on these CAN be customized, but only on a brokerage wide level, not on an agent by agent basis.

  • Market Reports can be disabled by both the Client when they log in on the agents site, or by the Agent under Contacts -> Contact Single Page under the Marketing Tab of the Contact Screen (Computer Icon with a Star on the screen)