Before Setup

Before setting up this integration, it’s the perfect time to clean up your Google Contacts (de-dupe, update contact info, organize into Groups, etc.). Once the data sync begins, TRIBUS will populate your Google Contacts exactly as they were saved (no updates or deletions at this time).

  • Navigate to your Google Account, and select “Contacts” (or visit

  • Edit/create labels as needed

  • Group contacts into the desired label so that the integration will work properly (TRIBUS will not create ungrouped contacts)


The remaining setup steps must be completed by every Google user who wants to utilize this integration.

Login to myTRIBUS

Locate your profile photo in the header (upper right), click on that, then select Account Integrations


Click the “Connect” button located in the Google section

  • This will direct you to confirm the account you’d like to connect. It is recommended that you use your company-provided email address, but that is not required.

  • You will need to approve TRIBUS’ access to your Google account

  • Once you successfully login, you’ll be directed encouraged to select Google Group labels by clicking “Edit Contact Sync” prior to clicking “Finish”

    • Example Before:

    • Example After: 

  • The integration status should now show “Connected”

The “Disconnect” option will break the connection (i..e delete the token and OAuth identity)

After Setup

For troubleshooting / support purposes, a connection status indicator will be shown on the User’s profile page to Administrator and Super Users.

Before Connection

After Connection

No action can be taken by other users though since each user must authenticate themselves and manage their own connection.

Once the setup steps have been completed (including saving Google Groups), a background job will be scheduled that will begin to Google Contacts (those who are saved in an approved Google Group) as TRIBUS Contacts (unless they already exist in TRIBUS, based on the contact’s email).

Job Schedule:

  • After initial connection: Immediate

  • Ongoing: Every 15 minutes

Depending on the number of contacts in selected Groups, the initial sync process may take a while.

The following contact data will be saved (assuming it’s been saved in Google before the sync begins):

  • user_id: Synced contacts will be assigned in TRIBUS to the authenticated Google user

  • source: “Synced Email Contact”

  • channel: {Google Contact Label}

  • display_name: gdata_name

    • and additionally separated by the space and store as `first_name` and `last name`

  • email: gdata_email

  • phone_numbers: gdata_phoneNumber

    • "primary": "[attribute primary]"

    • "type": "[attribute label]"

  • addresses: gdata_structuredPostalAddress

    • "primary": [attribute primary]

    • "type": "[attribute label]"

    • street_address": "[gdata_stree]"

    • "city": "[gdata_city]"

    • "state": "[gdata_region]"

    • "zip": "[gdata_postCode]"

    • "country": "[gdata_country]"

  • important_dates: contacts_birthday

    • type: "Birthday"


  • Updates to synced contact data will be pulled into TRIBUS

  • Data syncs from Google to TRIBUS only, never the reverse

  • Email contacts deleted in TRIBUS will never be re-created from Google